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Ribbon Embroidery Kits

Our flower of the month ribbon embroidery kit will add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe! Ounting possibilities are means of florals and trimmings for any fabric-covered piece of clothing, from a special occasion to everyday use. The kit comes with 4 florals (e. Month, color, design, etc. ) and 4 trimmings (e. Written, computer-attention, computer-repair, etc. Our team is available to help make sure your project is perfect, and we are worthy materials suppliers. Our ribbon embroidery kits are made in the usa.

Embroidery Kits Near Me

Looking for a great, affordable broidery kit? look no further than the many options available online, or in-store! Here are a few great.

Silk Embroidery Kits

This lovely ribbon embroidery kit is perfect for a special occasion! With its beautiful flowers and browns, it's perfect for your next party or wedding. Plus, the different colors will brighten up your room from start to finish. the bucila silk ribbon embroidery kit 3 ornaments is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your scarves, hats or even clothing. This kit comes with 3 18 x 3 18 83538. You can choose to add a ornamendment that is a tizzy ball or a small head. The bucila silk ribbon embroidery kit 3 ornaments is perfect for anyone looking for an easy and quick way to create some amazing ornaments. this mary maxim silken ribbon embroidery fingertip towel set will make your next project a lot easier. This set contains 2 towels, which makes it the perfect way to make a little bit of a quilt or quilt top. The set also includes a do-not-skip kit, which will help you make a quilt that is actually very easy to follow. the bucilla ribbon embroidery kit brooch is a beautiful brooch set that features a barrette and ribbon design. The set contains a braid and 1 barrette. It also includes a cable barrette. These are great items to add to your fashion look.